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Technology; how to make the dummy head mold
According to the templates or pictures provided by the designers and guests, the board driver makes the board.
How do you have a charming wave roll?
How do you have a charming wave roll?
If you want to learn good technology, you have to have a good dummy head.
Our product is the necessary product for you to learn.
Guangzhou entity sales and service department
In Guangzhou, we have our own store sales and showroom.
Glue the hair, comfortable, not scalp, quick delivery, quick dismantling.
Pick up the steps: 1, a hair, about 3-4 packets, the first to receive the hair ready. 2, then take out the hair piece, we must cut four pieces into the small interface. 3. to connect the hair with a clamp fixed, the place to be sent to divide the area, choose about 10 hair, with a good hair clips to paste up (in the position close to 2 centimeters from the scalp to get the best hair). 5. then take a small piece of adhesive tape to paste up, and two pieces should be neat and tidy. 6, use the splint to heat the clip for 3-5 seconds, so that the adhesive of the hair film will be more firmly fused. 7, pick up the pliers and fix the hair well. 8, then dressing up the finishing hair and sorting it out. The hair that comes out in this way will not fall for half a year
Feather reception, stealth is more comfortable and realistic.
Feather reception, stealth is more comfortable and realistic.
hair mannequin head suppliers
Making and processing of the outer skin of the body of a model head

Environmentally friendly PVC materials, very safe and environmentally friendly

The thickness of the outer skin of the model head is 3 to 5 millimetres, which has enough strength to ensure that the outer skin layer will not be broken when filling the filling material. The implanted end of the hair runs through the outer skin layer and protrudes the inner surface of the outer skin layer, with a prominent length of 1.5 millimeters to 2 millimeters, and the hair can be firmly fixed on the body of the model head after the filling material is solidified. The outer skin layer adopts food grade environment-friendly PVC material, even if used as a child toy, it is also very safe.

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