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Starting from 1997, engaged in the hairdressing industry, hairdressing industry has been 20 years. Our company mainly produces hairdressing tutoring doll head, hairdressing students must practice doll head, hair products (clip, reissue, hair curtain, etc.). All product design from LiYiTong hair products. Materials Craft. Processing aspects have very high demand, high cost-performance. The quality is stable. There are many types. In different countries hairdressing schools, hairdressing centers, suppliers have cooperation, our unique process, exquisite raw materials, new mold design for our products to add higher nutritional value, so we are the first Light injection is also the most important is the head die process and quality materials. In order to cater to the market, we have also established an excellent research and development team, they have a wealth of experience and practical technology in the hair products industry, can be based on different markets. Can meet customer needs to sample design to make customized services.


Factory exterior view

Products are divided into the teaching of the first 100% real hair, wig products, hair curtain three large series and dozens of varieties. 100% human hair, and hair mannequin (mannequin head), hair piece, cut the head, cut face ear head, head, head, massage and acupoint lifting bracket; different spring; 30 colors, a connecting clockwork, the length of 0.2 meters, 1.5 meters. The US side of the brand is a registered brand of Li Tong's hair salon. The product price range is from the lowest 16 yuan to 1000 yuan, which meets the needs of different types of customers. Company products are exported to all over the world, Europe and the United States, the Middle East, Southeast Asia, Africa and other countries in the world, we have a cooperative cargo partners, freight prices, speed of arrival. Foreign friends and foreign trade friends are welcome to discuss cooperation with us!

Development History

100% of manufacturers already have four factories in China


 study hairdressing, contact hairdressing industry, learn hairdressing study



 has its own factory, research and development of hair products, high-efficiency productivity and high-quality production equipment.


Xingfa Square set up its own entity sales wholesale stores


 the company expanded and joined in the expansion of Henan Xuchang processing factory and a physical store marketing wholesale,


 began to do network platform domestic entities to sell wholesale, participate in the country's annual expo conference


 Liyitong Business Development Co., Ltd. was established to set up its own office location to provide direct services to customers.



 Zhongshan hair products Co., Ltd. was established to meet the needs of customers.


Set up office in Guangzhou to provide customers with a service site.

Factory real scene
business license Trademark Registration Certificate
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