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factory real picture

1We have our own head mould production base. Professional head mold design team. The company is large, strong. Technology leading, All kinds of head mold classified production (has Four major factory area classified production respectively in Henan Xuchang, Hunan Zhuzhou, Guangdong Zhongshan, Hainan Island, leading the hairdressing industry, sold all over the world.

  2. Our products can be satisfied with customers in different regions to do different face salon headmoulds to increase sales, At the same time, we also have different stages of hairdressing school     head mold for students to learn and technical development (the primary main practice of haircut is semi-real high-temperature silk hair and low-temperature silk. Intermediate is the high-         temperature silk and human hair main exercise clip. Board. Hair dryer. Make late makeup. Practice intermediate fine scissors, Advanced fine scissors are mainly used to practice washing, blowing,dyeing, ironing, master can do washing, blowing, dyeing, ironing, bleaching and other arbitrary modeling.

3.High cost performance, stable quality, variety and level to meet customer needs

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