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How to choose a cosmetology mannequin heads?


Cosmetology mannequin heads (also commonly spelled manikins) are heads with baldness utilized by beauty college pupils, or hair stylist, to understand, practice or perfect a number of hair styling methods.  All these mannequin heads come in many different hair types such as human hair, animal hair, synthetic hair or some combo of them known as"combinations".

How to choose a cosmetology mannequin heads?

Cosmetology mannequin heads type


Human hair to get mannequins comes chiefly from Asia with China, India and Korea being the most typical sources.  European hair can be used but as it is more expensive you'll see largely on top quality mannequins.  Many people today feel that human hair for transaction comes from lifeless corpses; they don't.  Hair exchange is a popular and rewarding activity in Asia.  Many people today sell their own hair to create earnings, whereas others might contribute their hair for religious reasons.  Hair exchange is a whole topic by itself and extends beyond the point of this tutorial, but it helps to understand where the vast majority of those human hair to get mannequins comes out of.


 Hair is accumulated into containers that are large, where it's sanitized.  Considering that the hair hasn't been stored in alignment (or in other words, all of the origins and hints are mixed up), the cuticles aren't facing the identical direction.  If they had been stored just like this, the hair could easily tangle.  To solve this issue, the hair cuticles are eliminated with an acid.  This gets rid of the friction and allows for hands-free brushing of the hairfollicles.  Processed hair can be typically marketed as a uniform shade, so the hair is dyed to achieve a particular color degree.


Virgin hair usually means that the hair hasn't been coloured or permed.  Virgin hair is generally made with a greater quality of hair but it's likely that it also had its cuticle eliminated, very similar to processed hair.

Judge cosmetology mannequin heads for wigs?

If you're on the market for a cosmetology mannequin heads, then you could be searching for a mannequin head that's been created for wigs.

Because girls wear wigs just as far as their hair nowadays, the usage of mannequin head isn't only for the store but for the user that chooses them home to wear also.

For example, when women purchase a costly wig, then they will require the appropriate amenities to keep them off properly.  In reality, this is among the most important reasons why the mannequin head for wigs is generally large in demand, particularly among girls which don't always wear their hair.

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