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free sample = first payment for second purchase return

Free sample rule description

Free sample

1. The sample must be purchased by [immediately] taking the sample.

2. Random delivery of samples, no support to pick color, pick code, the buyer due to color, code problems put forward a return request, the seller has the right to refuse. The resulting complaint is invalid.

3. Buyers can apply for multiple samples. For a sample, each buyer is limited to 1 piece.

4. Orders that meet the seller's secondary return conditions can only be selected in the discount column of the website with a denomination less than the amount of the order.

5. For orders that meet the seller's secondary sample return conditions, you may choose to take the sample fee deduction in the preferential section of the website (excluding freight charges.) only one sample fee can be returned at a time

6. The buyer completes the payment process within 24 hours after taking the sample, if not completed, the seller is deemed to give up and the seller has the right to close the transaction.

7. Whether the sample is shipped or not is set by the seller. No matter how the merchant sets up the sample product, the merchant shall pay the freight at the market price, otherwise the merchant shall have the right to refuse to deliver the goods; if the buyer does not pay the postage, the buyer will not pay the postage. If the seller fails to make up within 3 days after Wangwang notifies the buyer, the seller has the right to refuse to deliver the goods. The resulting complaint is invalid.

8. Sample goods are not supported in invoicing.

9. Take the sample order do not enjoy the full-house package for 15 days to exchange, and other additional concessions.

Company news

Guangzhou Warehouse

2008 Guangzhou Warehouse provides service to Guangzhou entity sales Department

Guangzhou customer service office

set up Guangzhou office in 2018.

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Honesty first, Service first

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